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In this episode, I teach you all about classifying rentals on a grade from class A to D. Classifying rentals and learning about certain neighborhood metrics will allow you to manage your portfolio in the best of neighborhoods without causing you trouble in the future.
In this episode, we bring down cashflow and operating expenses as well as helping you understand CoCROI (cash on cash return on investment)…We also talk about the BRRRR strategy and why it’s smart to set a personal capitalization rate.
In this episode, we go over not only the pros about owning rental property, but also the cons and negatives to investing in long term rentals as well….Investing in long term rentals is not always easy so I want to inform you about the downside I see in this business. We also discuss the BRRRR strategy…
In this episode, we go over the 5 wealth generators that you can capitalize on when you purchase and acquire long term rentals. Did you know that more millionaires have been made through real estate over the years than any other sector in America? These 5 wealth generators will teach you why!
In this episode, I give you an additional way to source properties…
So you want to learn how to buy rental properties? It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of investing in real estate…
Passive real estate investing can earn income without requiring the typical duties of property ownership (i.e. regular maintenance & repairs, collecting rents, and dealing…
Note investing is becoming more and more popular among passive investors. The modern economy is ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking to produce multiple…
Learn how to reduce your living expenses and increase your wealth simultaneously by “House Hacking” your way to financial freedom….

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Join 5000+ subscribers and receive exclusive tools, tips, and resources directly from Brandon