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Hi, I’m Brandon Thompson. I’ll be brief. If you landed on this page you are ready for a swift change and you want to turn your passion into a 6 figure real estate business. Please click “Apply Now”, complete the application and you’ll be prompted to schedule a call with me. Easy breezy. Can’t wait to talk with you!

Over the last 17 years, I have successfully purchased and exited over 1500 flip homes…I can teach you how to flip houses for profit…It’s not as easy as you think!

I have successfully been involved in over 100 wholesales while even wholesaling apartment buildings and townhome packages creating six figure paydays. I can teach you the tips, tricks, and systems that I have used to accomplish this…

I have purchased 100+ rentals in multiple markets…houses, commercial buildings, and even mobile homes…”Don’t laugh; I have made over $1M in mobile homes”….Wanna know the pitfalls of successful property ownership? I will teach you to model the masters!

I created, built, and sold a highly successful real estate brokerage as well, I was the #1 realtor in the brokerage I used to work for before starting my own…How do you become a top producing Realtor?…Let me show you how!

Now, I’m heavily invested into short term rentals…Yes, that’s AirBNB and VRBO…I can teach you to use these systems turning them into a passive income stream all while leveraging technology that has completely changed the game…and possibly create a multi-million dollar buyout exit strategy…Wanna learn more?

1 on 1 Quarterly Coaching

I take your transition very seriously. It’s your life after all. We’ll get crystal clear on your goals and create a plan to execute.


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