30 Day

REI Virtual Bootcamp

This is a 30-day virtual bootcamp that combines the exact strategies I’ve used to triple my income and design my real estate career. This virtual mastermind is around creating CLARITY, taking massive ACTION, and getting tangible RESULTS.

There is no travel required. You can do everything from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop. What is needed is your FULL engagement toward the realization of your GOALS.

If you’re looking for a side hustle to bring in extra income and/or are looking to create a revenue stream that takes over your day job’s income so that you can do this full time, then this mastermind may be for you!

If you aren’t passionate about what you're currently doing, you’re not being fulfilled on a daily basis, and you just plain and simple want your joy back again....then sign up now!

I created this 30-day virtual mastermind where my wife and I are going to take people by the hand and show them the tips, tricks, and habits that we have have used to help us rise above the ashes in real estate.

What You’ll Learn


Create Income from thin air while never utilizing your own money (I’m going to show you how you can make an extra $10k in the next 90 days).


Learn how to determine values correctly, to work with contractors without getting hurt, to design a home easily, and to sell property quickly….Like a pro!


Learn how to use the BRRRR method and to build a long lasting rental portfolio so that you can have passive income and create long lasting wealth

Short Term Rentals

How to build a multi-million dollar portfolio and how to become a 5 🌟 Superhost quick! And so much more!!!!


  • Setting Up Your Office
  • Starting Your Companies Correctly


  • Getting More Leads
  • Setting Up Strategic Marketing Strategies
  • Renovating Homes In This Market


  • Closing Deals
  • Deal Analysis
  • Running Comps
  • Writing Contracts
  • Negotiating with Sellers


  • Creative Deal Structuring
  • Find Money To Renovate Homes
  • Partner With Others To Grow My Business


  • Estimate Rehab Repairs Correctly
  • Putting A Scope Of Work Together Or A Spec Sheet
  • Hiring Good Contractors
  • Doing Your First Renovation


  • Training Your Tenants
  • Managing Your Rentals
  • Building a long term rental portfolio and a short term rental portfolio all while leveraging technology


  • Building Your Buyers List
  • Sizzle Features to Sell Your Home Faster

30 day Mentorship

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Guest Speakers
  • Group Coaching

You’ll also get:

Free Access To Brandon's Docs To Help You Manage Your Business:

  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Cheatsheets
  • Systems
  • Worksheets

This is the Perfect Mastermind


  • You have a GOAL, but are lacking RESULTS.
  • You're willing to be held ACCOUNTABLE so you can hit your goals.
  • You are craving a TRIBE of like-minded real estate entrepreneurs and a support group
  • You thrive on GROUP ideas and connections.
  • You're ready to play at a high level and make some serious GROWTH.
  • Note: This is an action-driven 30-day virtual mastermind. The more you play full-out, the more you will accomplish.

Whats Included

30min IDEATION Session

Brandon will use his gift of brainstorming and spend 30 minutes with you brainstorming out of the box ideas to accomplish your goals.

Apply ONLY IF you meet this Criteria...

You have a GOAL

Whether you have Business Goals, Real Estate Goals, or Life Goals. All goals are welcome! But, you must have a VISION of what you want and why you want it.


A goal without ACTION is a fantasy. We will lead you AND hold you accountable while providing a path to your success.


You must be open to ideas and suggestions from the group and be ready to take action.

Our Pricing

This mastermind will help you achieve measurable success within the next 30 days

This is the real deal. We are giving you the exact systems we’ve implemented to achieve our goals. This is not a packaged up extension of someone else’s sales course…this is real life interaction, stories, and Brandon’s goal is to give you the best of his 17 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Full Payment

$ 550 save $50

2 Payments

$ 300 First Payment up front/2nd due in 2 weeks

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