I share some universal principles behind building wealth and how you can use real estate as a vehicle to do it.
Phillip Greisen, host of the Leader Think podcast, believes that failure is our greatest teacher. He shares what his failures taught him and how you can take advantage of your own failures or start before you’re ready so you can actually experience it.
I share how you can overcome negativity and thrive in the coronavirus economy.
Learn how Bill Allen turned his side gig into a full-time job that gives him more time and financial freedom.
Julian Colvard shares his advice for young real estate entrepreneurs and what he’s learned working with hedge funds.
Michael Hearn is a licensed mortgage broker, the CEO of My Fresh Credit, and a board-certified credit consultant — but, if you really break it down, Mike just likes to help people.
Rich Munroe of Diamond Edge Short-Term Rentals shares how he got started in the short-term rental space and what you should know about regulation in the space before you start renting.
Learn the basics of acquiring and renting out residential real estate properties.
From a car in the Waffle House parking lot to the police force to entrepreneur, Jesse LeBlanc (founder of Exigo Management) shares the story of how he figured out how to run a real estate business, one step at a time.
Justin Shipp used to be an employee at an auto shop making about $50k in a year — but, today, he’s one of the largest wholesalers in Atlanta and a full-time hustler bringing in $250k a year. Listen to learn how he transformed in just three years.

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